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How to navigate cultural differences?

In our interconnected world and increasingly diverse organizations, recognizing the value of differences is essential. 

We help organizations and leaders who wish to improve interactions with members of different cultures, negotiations and meetings with partners from other countries, and the inclusion of team members from diverse backgrounds.

We do that by consulting, coaching, and training.

Organizational Impact

We partner with Our clients to

Assess the degree of inclusion of your organization

Download now our Diversity and Inclusion Scale

Individual Development


5 Proven Techniques To

elevate your leadership skills for Inclusion

We agree on a tailored coaching program that

Learning experience


Some programs

Online & Hybrid courses

. French and English languages courses at all levels

. Start any time

. Individual or small groups

. Seasoned, native trainers

. From 20,25-EUR per hour and per person 

Starts December 1st, 2021 –  39,- EUR

At this level, you will learn to:
. overcome the effects of biases;
. identify models and tools that help to understand others’ mindsets;
. analyze a situation where differences could hinder collaboration.

Starts January 1st, 2022 –  39,- EUR

At this level, you will learn:
. how to take advantage of personal and cultural differences;
. how to communicate and collaborate across cultures.

Starts February 1st, 2022 –  39,- EUR

At this level, you will learn to:
. be an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion;
. support colleagues and organizations in their journey towards more Diversity and Inclusion.

You are sure to find the training program that suits your needs thanks to our extensive offer.

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship.”

Laura May Alcott, Little Women

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